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Based on your knowledge and experience, our OISC courses are designed to provide extensive preparation on UK immigration law.


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Our two-day courses are aimed at offering you comprehensive preparation on immigration law. We also provide examination materials.


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We are one of the largest immigration advice services providers in the UK offering nationwide OISC Training Courses

Under UK law, organisations and individuals who undertake occasional or professional immigration advice must be regulated by OISC.

The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) is a non-departmental public body, subsidised by the Home Office. It ensures that all the immigration advice providers in the UK are competent and offer adequate services to their clients.

You do not need any prior legal knowledge to attend our seminars. Each OISC level focuses on different immigration matters, such as Asylum or EU law.

Our OISC Training Courses are available for either those who wish to pursue a career in this field or are interested in getting an in-depth overview of UK immigration. In addition, if you are already working as a qualified immigration professional, you can use our extensive courses to enhance your Continuing Professional Development records.

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OISC Training Courses FAQs

Which OISC Training Course Level should I choose?

Our OISC Training Courses are structured into three different levels: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

Each course focuses on specific immigration subjects, such as Asylum and British Nationality. These three levels are aimed at providing progressively extensive knowledge of UK immigration law, based on participants’ prior experience in this field.

The Level 1 Course is an introductory session suitable for beginners. If you want to improve your knowledge of basic immigration subjects or if you need to pass a Level 1 assessment, you should choose this class.

The Level 2 Course is designed to prepare participants for their Level 2 assessments. The syllabus explores more complex immigration cases.

The Level 3 Course is for those who are already registered ad level 2 and wish to get complete expertise on immigration matters. If you are an OISC-recognised adviser, attending our Level 3 Course is a crucial step to get an up-to-date qualification and enhance your Continuing Professional Development records.

What materials are included in your OISC Training packages?

With our OISC Training Classes, we provide an in-depth overview of UK immigration law. To help you succeed with your OISC exam, we also offer comprehensive training and preparation materials.

When you register for one of our OISC sessions, you will receive two folders. One includes your course content and the syllabus. The other one contains professional and useful advice, tips, and techniques to help you pass your OISC exam.

Please note that the exams are not included in our OISC Training packages. If you wish to book your assessment, you can do that through the OISC directly.

I am a caseworker. How will your OISC Courses enhance my career?

If you wish to offer reliable and competent immigration advice to your clients, you must regularly attend relevant, up-to-date classes.

Our OISC Training Level 3 Course is perfect for those who already hold authorization from the OISC and wish to improve their knowledge of this subject. In addition, our OISC Training Courses can be used as a part of your CPD.

Your Continuing Professional Development (CDP) is a record of all the skills and knowledge you gain to develop your career on an ongoing basis. The CDP process helps you demonstrate to your employer and your clients that you can provide adequate and accurate advice and that you are committed to your role.