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About our OISC Training Courses

Our OISC Training Courses are structured into three levels, offering progressive and exhaustive knowledge of UK immigration law. They are open to practising solicitors, legal advisers, and even individuals who wish to work in this field.

Once you successfully complete one of our OISC Training courses, you will be ready to sit your OISC assessment. After passing this exam, you will be legally allowed to practice as a UK immigration adviser or caseworker, depending on the level of your OISC certificate.

Based on your prior experience and knowledge of UK immigration law, you can choose one of the three levels of our OISC seminars. The OISC Level 1 course will give you an overview of the basic immigration rules and the frameworks that regulate this field. Level 2 and Level 3 provide a more in-depth analysis of complex immigration subjects and cases, such as refugee law and tribunal procedures.