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Upcoming Courses

The following is a list of our upcoming 2-day Level 2 OISC Training Courses. For further information on what is covered, please see the FAQ’s at the bottom of this page.

Please book online, or alternatively send an enquiry and a member of our team will be in touch.


There are no upcoming events.

OISC Training Level 1 Courses FAQs

Who can attend your OISC Level 2 courses?

The Level 2 seminar follows directly on from the topics covered in the Level 1 course. This means that it is recommended to attend an OISC Level 2 class if you have already passed your Level 1 assessment. By doing this, you can ensure to have the base of knowledge necessary to pass your test and build new expertise and skills.

The OISC Level 2 Training course is also useful for those who already hold and OISC accreditation and wish to stay up to date with the latest development in UK immigration law.

Do you also offer other levels of OISC Training?

At IAS, we provide full training courses for OISC accreditation. This includes Level 1 and Level 3 modules.

Each course is designed to offer a different and gradually more intense analysis of UK immigration law. In other words, although you do not need any formal qualification to attend our Level 2 course, we still recommend you to begin at level 1 and then develop upon further.

After getting your Level 2 qualification, you will be able to progress to Level 3 and obtain a full knowledge of UK law.

What is included in your OISC Training Package?

Our OISC Training services include comprehensive guidance on how to prepare for your exam. Our dedicated package consists of two folders. The first one focuses on the course’s syllabus, giving an overview of the topics you are going to learn about. The second folder provides useful tips and techniques to study for your OISC Level 2 assessment.

Please note that the OISC exam is not included in our services. However, it can be directly booked throughout the OISC once you have completed our training.

What is covered over the two days?

-Family Life, Partners and Parents Under Appendix FM
-Children (Appendix FM and Part 8)
-Domestic Violence
-Private Life
-Article 8 Outside The Rules
-10 Year Long Residence Rules
-General Grounds of Refusal
-Administrative Review
-Rights and Grounds of Appeal
-Tribunal Procedure Rules
-EEA incl. Rights to Reside
-British Citizenship