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Concierge Services

If you are undertaking a major relocation and need the expert support and guidance of a Concierge Service, James Freeman Relocations can work closely with you to assist you with your journey.

Contact our friendly client care team today on (+353) 061 518 025 for an immediate discussion about how we can meet your needs.

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    How can I benefit from Concierge Services?

    Concierge Services are for individuals who can benefit from the comprehensive support and advice that comes from a dedicated concierge consultant.

    The consultant and their team will work closely with you and your family to plan your move, develop a flexible timeline and arrange everything that needs to be done before, during, and after your move.

    The advantage of having a Concierge Service is that all the stress and hassle of the move is taken away to allow you to focus on your work, your family, and other more important things.

    When you enter your new home, we can ensure that all your items are unpacked, your house is staged, and all the utilities and contracts have been arranged and taken care of.

    Trust us to take care of your valuable items and oversee the transportation needs for you, your family, and your pets.

    There are very few requests that we are unable to fulfil, and we encourage you to tell us exactly what you need from your Concierge Service.

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    What can your Concierge Relocation Service do for me?

    Our luxury Concierge Service is tailored towards meeting the needs of our clients, no matter how complex. Some of the primary services we provide include:

    • Planning your relocation: All our clients are unique, and this is why we do not have a readymade package. We tailor our services around your needs, and our advisors can make recommendations based on what we know works
    • House sales and purchases: By arranging sales and purchases in partnership with our property partners, we can help you to sell your existing home and purchase or rent a new one. We understand that you might need advice about the area where you intend to live. We can help you to identify the most appropriate area for your needs and a home that works for you
    • Storage solutions: Depending on your circumstances, you may benefit from working with concierge companies. We can oversee the moving of your valuable belongings to safe and secure storage facilities. We will manage the contracts based on the length of time you need to store them before moving them to your new home
    • International relocation: Moving internationally can be one of life’s biggest decisions, and it can be intensely stressful to do so, especially if you are very busy or if you have a family to take care of. Trust our consultants to advise you on the smoothest way to relocate
    • Establishing your new home: Setting up a new home can take weeks, from unpacking boxes, to setting up your new appliances, ordering groceries, assembling furniture, and making beds
    • Helping you to settle in: We want to ensure that you are given the support you need to make your new house a home. We will give you the advice you need to start your new life in the smoothest way possible

    Planning your relocation

    The most important aspect of a successful relocation is careful planning. Working closely with you, we will create a bespoke and flexible calendar that outlines the timeline of events leading up to the move.

    We understand that plans change and that priorities can change, and we will communicate with you throughout the whole process to keep you fully update on the progress of the move.

    All our clients have different needs, and some of the ways we work include the following stages:

    1. Consultation with you about your needs to find out how we can provide you with the best service
    2. Take an audit or inventory of all the items in your existing house
    3. Make a list of everything that you want to keep, donate, dispose of, or sell
    4. Identify high-value items that require specific moving logistics
    5. Discuss the floor plan and arrangements of your new home to decide on how you want it to be decorated
    6. Create a list of all the services and contracts you need to set up, close down, or transfer to your new home
    7. Identify a number of potential suitable schools and/or childcare providers for your children
    8. Find a veterinary surgeon for any pets
    9. Make arrangements for cleaning your old house and transferring the keys to the appropriate agent
    10. Organise the transportation for your family to your new home

    Moving day

    When the moving day comes, many people may be concerned that it will be a stressful experience. Working with a concierge personal assistant means that you will have no cause to worry.

    All of the pre-planning and arrangements have been completed and you will have a copy of the day’s outline so that you can plan accordingly.

    You are free to leave your old house and spend some time doing some activity that you find enjoyable (or work!) and depending on how long it takes to stage your house, you can arrive in your new home, completely designed to your specifications.

    Working with a personal assistant gives you the freedom to focus on yourself and your family without having to worry about the minute details, issues, or delays.

    On moving day, you can expect the following:

    • Packing all of your items according to the project timeline
    • Removing any items you do not wish to take to your new home
    • Carefully taking your items to the transportation vehicles
    • Uninstalling and removing large electrical items including appliances, televisions, and audio-visual equipment
    • Carefully removing antiques, collectibles, or other valuable items

    We can use this time to place items into storage on your behalf, or remove them to local waste management sites.

    Following this, we will bring your belongings to your new home and reinstall all items according to your specifications.

    Some of the setting up support we provide on moving day includes the following:

    • Installing your equipment, appliances, and audio-visual equipment
    • Installing your artwork and décor
    • Installing home security and/ or liaising with your personal security agents
    • Assembling, setting up, cleaning, and polishing (where appropriate) your furniture
    • Unpacking all moving boxes and placing your items in their appropriate place in your home
    • Making beds and setting up lighting arrangements
    • Ordering food for your press and ensuring the fridge is well stocked with your favourite foods
    • Checking that all your services are working properly (phone, internet, water, heating, electricity, etc.)

    All of this and more will take place while you are spending your time relaxing or otherwise managing the things that are important to you.

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      How can James Freeman Relocations help me?

      As industry leaders in relocation services, we can guarantee that you will receive the highest quality service from our moving and relocation experts.

      Whether you need support moving to a new country, advise on the best schools for your children, or you need to move valuable items from one home to another, we are ready to assist you and ensure that it is a stress-free experience.

      Speak to our friendly client care team today to find out more about how we can help you relocate.

      Call us on (+353) 061 518 025 for an immediate discussion. We are on hand to assist you no matter how small or large your move may be.

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      Comprehensive immigration advice tailored to your circumstances and goals.

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      Application Package

      Designed to make your visa application as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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      Fast Track Package

      Premium application service that ensures your visa application is submitted to meet your deadline.

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      Document Check Package

      Document checking service that ensures your documents are sufficient to prove your eligibility.

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      The Advice Package

      With our untimed Advice Session, our professional immigration experts will review your case and provide you with comprehensive advice, completely tailored to your needs and your situation.

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        The Application Package

        With our Application Package, your dedicated caseworker will advise you on your application process and eligibility. Your advisor will then complete and submit your forms to the Department of Justice & Equality on your behalf.

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          The Fast Track Package

          Our Fast-Track Application Package is a premium service for those who need to submit their application in time with their deadlines. Your case will become a top priority for our team and you will benefit from our highest-quality services.

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            The Document Check Package

            Our Document Checking Package is a service for those who need to submit their application but choose to do so on their own but want help with ensuring their documents are in line with the requirements for the visa. Our immigration consultants will check your documents in this case.

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                There are many concierge companies available for individuals who want to have the advantage of having someone else take care of aspects of their life.

                Concierge services can include:

                • Travel (business and personal holidays, hotel concierge)
                • Transport (hiring limos, taxis, airplanes, helicopters, boats, scooters, etc.)
                • Events (corporate, business, personal assistant, or professional events)
                • Experiences (visiting attractions, activities, local culture exploration, etc.)
                • Property (sourcing properties, home renovations, redecorations, etc.)
                • Shopping (personal shopping, art collections, gift services, etc.)
                • Security (event, PI, home, business, or personal security services)
                • Household staff (cleaners, cooks, nannies, personal trainers, dogwalkers, tutors, etc.)
                • Business support (schedule management, attaché services, business development, etc.)
                • Driving services (professional chauffeurs)
                • Relocation (international or domestic relocation, immigration support, movers, etc.)

                There are many types of concierge services and individuals can benefit from the wide range of available services.

                When searching for the best luxury concierge service in Ireland, it is important to understand the many advantages that can come from working with a true concierge service.

                James Freeman Relocations is in the field of lifestyle management in terms of a luxury concierge service.

                While there may be a perception that a lifestyle management company or concierge companies simply offer lifestyle services, spa services exclusive access to events, or private parties, in fact, there are few limits to what you can do when it comes to a personal concierge.

                Our promise is to help you relocate with as little stress as possible, giving you the time to forget about the hassle of moving and focus on what is important to you.

                We have a number of high net worth clients for whom we have supported with complex international moves, ensuring that they receive all possible supports.

                Call us today to get started. We look forward to working with you.