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Stamp 5 Ireland

If you have had a minimum of eight years (96 months) of legal residency in Ireland and meet other eligibility criteria, you are eligible to apply for a Stamp 5, also known as ‘Without condition as to time’ permission.

Our Irish immigration experts are available to help if you are looking to be granted citizenship or simply want to apply successfully for a Stamp 5 in Ireland. Get in touch with us today on (+353) 061 518 025 or chat with us online to start the process.

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    What is Stamp 5 (Without Condition as to Time) in Ireland?

    Stamp 5 is a permission that allows its holders to live and work in Ireland

    Stamp 5 permission means that you are allowed to live and work in Ireland without the need for an Employment Permit. It does not give you a right to any particular public service or funding. The relevant government Department or State agency makes this decision.

    All intending applicants must have legal residence in Ireland to apply.

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    Conditions attached to Stamp 5

    The following conditions apply to holders of Stamp 5 in Ireland. They must:

    • Obey the laws of Ireland.
    • Avoid involvment in any criminal activity.
    • Reside continuously in the state. Here, continuous residency implies living in Ireland for the period covered by the temporary permission to remain.However, the permit allow reasonable periods of absence from the State for holidays, exceptional family circumstances or commitments outside the State arising from business or employment carried out within the State.
    • Make every effort to be employed and not become an undue burden to the State.
    • Accept that the granted permission does not automatically gives persons related to them (such as family members) the right to enter or remain in Ireland.

    The following stamps can be counted when applying for a Stamp 5:

    • Stamp 1.
    • Stamp 1G.
    • Stamp 3.
    • Stamp 4.
    • Stamp 4S.

    When counting the stamps on applicant’s passport, the following stamps cannot be counted:

    • Stamp 4 EuFam.
    • Stamp 0.
    • Student – Stamp 2 or Stamp 2A.
    • Temporary Registered Doctor’s – Stamp 4.
    • Trainee Accountants – Stamp 1A.
    • Intra Company Transfer – Stamp 4.
    • Spouse or dependent of an Intra Company Transfer – Stamp 3.
    • Temporary visitors permission granted at the port of entry.
    • Cancelled Stamps.

    Applicants should note that the above list of stamps are not the exhaustive lists for acceptable and unacceptable stamps.

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      Documents required to apply for Stamp 5

      The following documents of applicants must be submitted along with the completed application form:

      • A full colour copy of the current passport and all past or expired passports that shows the applicant’s immigration stamps.
      • A copy of their Irish Residence Permit (IRP).
      • Financial documentation such as copies of tax returns (which serve as proof of their continuous residency in Ireland).
      • Bank statements for the previous six months.

      How to apply for Stamp 5

      Applicants should proceed to download the application form on the Irish Immigration website online and fill out each sections of the form carefully and truthfully. They should make good use of the document checklist to ensure they include all requested documents.

      They should mail the completed form along with documents to the address below:

      Unit 3 – Residence Division
      4th Floor
      Immigration Service Delivery
      Department of Justice
      13-14 Burgh Quay
      Dublin 2 D02 XK70

      There is no application fee. However, candidates who get a Stamp 5 will pay the appropriate registration fee when registering their permission using the online registration portal.

      Processing Time for Stamp 5

      Applications currently take a minimum of six months to process. Applications are processed as they come and considered in their merits.

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        How IAS Lawyers can help You

        Applying for immigration stamps can be quite tricky and difficult, depending on your personal circumstances. Lucky for you, our professional immigration experts have gone down that road many times successfully and possess the experience and skills applicable to your situation.

        Upon subscribing to our services, we will assign you a case-specific immigration expert who will make sure you meet all requirements regarding application and documentation.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  If you are discovered to have provided false information after your permission has been granted, it may be revoked.

                  The following are some of the reasons that may lead to the Minister revoking your permission:

                  • You have broken the conditions of your permission or you did not declare criminal convictions or ongoing trials
                  • You failed to register your permission with your local immigration office, as required by law
                  • You provided misleading or inaccurate information to the Minister or other authorities of the State.

                  A person who is an undue burden on the Irish government receives a social welfare payment which is means tested or not related to their Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) contributions. Applications from such persons may be refused.