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Retirement Visa

If you wish to retire in the Republic of Ireland, IAS’ team of dedicated immigration consultants can assist with your Retirement Visa application.

To enquire about your eligibility, application, or to receive tailored advice, contact IAS today on  (+353) 061 518 025.

We offer appointments in person, via telephone and Skype.

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    Retiring in the Republic of Ireland

    If you dream of a peaceful retirement in Ireland, your immigration status ought to be the least of your concerns. With the help of IAS’ immigration consultants in Ireland, you can rest assured that your Retirement Visa application is in safe hands.

    To take the first step of your journey to retirement in Ireland, allow one of our professional, qualified immigration consultants to assess your eligibility.

    From here, our immigration experts can take responsibility for each step of your application process – from offering tailored advice based on your individual circumstances, to completing your Retirement Visa application, to submitting your application to the Irish Embassy.

    Your journey to retirement in Ireland should be a rewarding process; not a stressful endeavour to securing immigration permission.

    While those who are from non-visa required countries are able to visit Ireland for a short stay of up to 90 days without needing a visa, to remain in the State for over 90 days it is crucial that you obtain a visa.

    For the purposes of long-term retirement, this takes the form of the Irish Retirement Visa.

    Only those from non-EU/EEA visa required countries must apply for a visa prior to travelling to Ireland.

    However, all non-EU/EEA citizens who wish to remain in Ireland for a period of over 90 days – in this case to retire in the State – must apply for a Retirement Visa.

    IAS’ team of immigration experts in Ireland can provide exceptional immigration advice and guidance tailored to you and your needs.

    To enquire about our comprehensive services and packages, contact IAS on (+353) 061 518 025.

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    Who is eligible to apply for the Irish Retirement Visa?

    Before applying for a Retirement Visa, you must ensure that you are eligible to apply.

    EEA and Swiss nationals do not have to apply for an entry visa to travel to Ireland – they are able to remain in Ireland for three months without obtaining a visa and are free from restrictions.

    However, EEA and Swiss nationals who are retired and wish to remain in Ireland for over three months must have sufficient resources and sickness insurance in order to do so, or must be employed/self-employed.

    This is to ensure that they do not become a burden on the State.

    Non-EEA nationals from visa required countries must firstly apply for an entry visa in order to travel to Ireland – this is a type of pre-clearance which allows you to enter the State.

    If you are a non-EEA national and wish to retire in Ireland for over three months, you must then apply for permission to remain in the State through obtaining a Retirement Visa.

    If you are an Irish emigrant who is returning to Ireland to retire, you may not be required to apply for a Retirement Visa however if you are bringing non-EEA family members to live in Ireland with you throughout your retirement, they must obtain immigration permission.

    What are the requirements of a Retirement Visa?

    The requirements for a Retirement Visa are largely focussed on having the capacity to support yourself financially.

    You must prove within your Retirement Visa application that you have an individual income of €50,000 per year. For those applying to retire in Ireland as a couple, you must demonstrate a joint income of €100,000 per year.

    In addition to this, you must prove that you have access to a lump sum to cover any emergency expenses. This lump sum should be the equivalent to the price of a property in Ireland.

    Some key conditions of a Retirement Visa are as follows:

    • You are not permitted to have a family member join you in Ireland on the basis that you are resident in the State
    • You are not permitted to receive any State benefits
    • You must have private medical insurance which covers both medical treatment and hospital accommodation in Ireland
    • You must abide by the laws of the State
    • You must continuously reside in Ireland

    The Immigration Advice Service can assess your personal eligibility, ensuring that you meet all requirements for a Retirement Visa. From here, we can complete and submit your application on your behalf. To enquire, call us today on (+353) 061 518 025.

    To find out the full requirements for a Retirement Visa, please do not hesitate to contact us Contact Us

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      Which documents must I provide within my application for a Retirement Visa?

      To apply for a Retirement Visa in Ireland, you must provide a number of documents within your application in order for the Irish authorities to assess your eligibility and ensure that you meet all criteria.

      Some key documents which are required within your Retirement Visa application are:

      • A copy of your passport
      • A copy of your birth and marriage (if applicable) certificate/(s)
      • The reason that you are requesting immigration permission in Ireland
      • Details of all family members resident in Ireland and their legal status
      • Details of Irish Associations
      • Evidence of all financial income (bank statements issued over the last six months, payslips, etc.)
      • Evidence of your finances verified by an Irish-based accountant which lists yearly income and any financial liabilities
      • Evidence of private medical insurance with full cover in private hospitals
      • Police Clearance Certificate
      • Health Declaration
      • Any other information you consider relevant to your case

      IAS’ immigration experts in Ireland have extensive experience in preparing, completing and submitting visa applications. We can take responsibility for your Retirement Visa application.

      Contact the Immigration Advice Service’s client care team on (+353) 061 518 025.

      Health services in Ireland for retirees

      If you are planning on retiring in Ireland, you may be wondering whether you will be eligible for public health services in the State.

      If you are typically resident in Ireland, you will be entitled to a range of health services either at no cost or subsidised by the Irish government.

      However, for those who are making the move to Ireland specifically to retire, you do not have an automatic entitlement to public services upon securing a Retirement Visa.

      Depending on your income, you may qualify for a medical card which exempts you from having to pay for certain health services.

      However, entitlement to public healthcare in Ireland is largely dependent on residency and means as opposed to your tax contributions or pay-related social insurance.

      Any individual who is regarded by the Health Service Executive (HSE) as being ordinarily resident in Ireland will be eligible to access health services – either full eligibility (medical card holders) or limited eligibility.

      Being ‘ordinarily resident in Ireland’ simply means you have been living in the State for at least a year, or intend to do so.

      Under EU rules, those who are ordinarily resident in Ireland may qualify for a medical card if they are receiving a social security pension from another EU/EEA country, or if you are working and paying social insurance in one of these countries.


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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  Retiring does not necessarily mean that the individual no longer intends on working – it may simply indicate a change in job roles and therefore retirement from one occupation.

                  If you wish to retire in Ireland while continuing to work, you do not automatically have the right to work in the State. You may still require permission to work. This, again, depends on your residency and nationality.

                  There is typically no upper age limit regarding employment in Ireland, meaning that if you are eligible to work during your retirement, you will have the same employment rights as anybody else regardless of age.

                  Employment rights differ for those who work part-time.

                  Once you have acquired a Retirement Visa, it is essential that you continue to renew your visa every year for the first five years that you reside in the State.

                  After five years, you will be eligible to apply for a five year visa.

                  After living in Ireland for a decade, you will be able to apply for permanent residency.

                  The Immigration Advice Service has decades of experience in preparing, completing and submitting visa and nationality applications.

                  Our immigration experts in Ireland can assist with any immigration query, from applying for Irish citizenship to acquiring a Spouse/Civil Partner Visa. We can provide the same expertise as an immigration lawyer.

                  For those looking to retire in the Republic of Ireland, one of IAS’ qualified, professional immigration consultants can provide you with detailed legal guidance and can submit your application for a Retirement Visa along with a Letter of Representation.

                  We know what makes a successful visa application and can ensure that you are given the greatest chance of success.

                  To find out more about how one of IAS’ immigration experts can help with your Retirement Visa application, contact us today on (+353) 061 518 025.